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DRPAPA Canadian Imported Plant Extract Male Hardening Massage Cream 30ml


DRPAPA Canadian imported plant extract male hardening massage cream 30ml

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Ancient tribal formula plant base

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Brand: Dr.papa

Capacity: 30ml (about 35 times available)

Origin: Canadian imports

Product Name: Mr. Big Triple X Cream 30ml

Texture: gel

Specifications: single pack

Validity: 3 years

Use type: smear type

Product Features: The ingredients of Katuba are commonly known as "Plant Viagra". Feel the change after consistent use

Function: Helps harden erection

How to use: 1. Take 4-6 drops to fully apply the entire penis and massage for about 5 minutes to fully absorb it; 2. Once a day, four boxes per cycle;

Main ingredients: water, ginseng root, catuba, Brazil wood, arginine, etc.

Warranty period: mainly based on the date of receipt

DRPAPA Canadian Imported Plant Extract Male Hardening Massage Cream 30ml

Dr.papa introduces:

The Chinese name for the company is a well-known sex cosmetics company located in Canada that advocates equality, justice and tolerance. It owns two luxury brands: High on Love and Dr. Papa. Every Dr.papa product strictly adheres to the very strict requirements set by the Canadian government. By law, cosmetics sold in Canada must be prepared, produced, stored, and packaged in an extremely hygienic environment. All Dr.papa brand products are certified by Health Canada.

For your privacy, we will use opaque materials to encapsulate, expressly marked as [gifts] on the courier form, to ensure that your information will not be known to others

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Anonymous Member Anhui-Lu'an

The effect is great. I think that I can use it with confidence. This massage is really comfortable every day. Now the hardness has improved a lot. When I love, I feel straight and very hard.

Anonymous Member Sichuan-Chengdu

When things arrived, I used a bottle full of expectations, hoping to have an effect after a course of treatment, haha. You can try, health stuff

Anonymous Member Chongqing-Chongqing

Milky, comfortable after application

Anonymous Member Guizhou-Tongren

Is genuine

Anonymous Member Wuwei, Gansu

Wonderful praise

Anonymous Member Guangdong-Zhongshan City

Received unexpected satisfaction

Anonymous Member Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region-Kashgar

Secretly bought it back to the old public, and let him give it a try yesterday. He said that it was comfortable to use and there were no adverse reactions. It definitely worked. It will be bought again.

Anonymous Member Guangdong-Shenzhen

Ships quickly. Not used yet, very looking forward

Anonymous Member Guangdong-Dongguan

Bought many times at this store and never disappointed me

Anonymous Member Jiangxi Province-Shangrao City

It took a few days to evaluate, and the time and hardness have been improved.
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